Meats & Products


The beef at Richard’s Meats comes from Wagga Wagga, Cowra and Casino, all in regional NSW.  All of our beef is free range, by ensuring that the beef comes from a stress-free life as possible, and eaten a natural diet of grass and hay.

Whether you are roasting, stewing, grilling or BBQing we have all products to cater for everyone’s needs.

Products of beef we serve include rump steak, sirloin, brisket, skin, neck, oxtail, short-ribs and topside.

At Richard’s Meats we have some of the world’s best Wagyu Beef produced right here in Australia.


Our Cowra Lamb has premium quality and exceptional flavour coming from one of the most fertile valleys in the world.
Products of lamb we serve include legs of lamb, shoulders, shanks, cutlets, rump chops and short loin chops.


Our free range pork comes from Bangalow near Byron Bay.  This multi award winning pork is hormone and antibiotic free.  It is the best quality and best tasting pork in Australia.

Products of pork we serve include leg, belly, shoulder, ribs, boneless short loin, rolled loin, tender loin and cutlets.


The poultry at Richard’s Meats comes from Bannockburn, a free range company in Victoria.

We serve breasts, thighs, chicken supremes, wings and legs.